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Rollover & Tire Blowout Accidents

After a rollover accident, or any car wreck for that matter, victims and their family members may wonder what they could or should have done differently. What could they have done to prevent the crash? Who is at fault? If they would have acted sooner or smarter, would the results be different?

What Caused My Rollover Crash?

In addition to questions and a desperate search for answers, victims and family members may also find themselves dealing with medical expenses, mounting bills, lost time at work or the aftermath of a fatal accident that claimed the life of a loved one.

Despite efforts to control a vehicle or prevent serious rollover crash injuries, some accidents may have actually been provoked by a defect in a vehicle or a flaw in safety equipment that was designed to prevent injuries and protect occupants. Defective tires that blowout out can cause a sudden loss of control. Combined with highway speeds and the high center of gravity in a pickup truck or SUV, a rollover crash can quickly turn fatal.

Additionally, some injuries that occupants experience as a result of such a crash may be caused during the wreck itself because of flawed equipment. Defective seat belts, bad airbags that fail to deploy during a crash or deploy when they shouldn’t as well as electrical malfunctions, poor seat design and composition and inadequate glass can all result in life-altering injuries.

Roof Crush Rollover Crash Attorneys

While one of the most common causes of injuries in a rollover wreck can stem from vehicle ejection, which may be caused by a defective seatbelt or complete absence of seat belt use, head and neck injuries may also result. The roof of a vehicle is designed to withstand the impact as a vehicle overturns. But despite design and auto standards enacted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a defective roof may not protect the vulnerable space between an occupant’s head and neck and the roof of the vehicle. As a result, some victims endure life-changing traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, head injuries and even back injuries caused by the impact of the roof crushing them as it impacts the ground or other surface.

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